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Hi readers, how are you this dreary Friday ? Well Christmas is three days away so I am hoping it is a wonderful time for everyone who celebrates.

In the mean time while there is still time for last minute shopping, enjoy it ! If you are visiting for the first time the new page name which was strictly 'arts' has now included another GREAT venue: MUSIC ! The venue of music has ALWAYS been a part of my life whether transition were to happen, or was happening or had happened, lyrics and harmony was a marriage I will never divorce from.

I find the venue of music influences me gracefully.

On our short road trips done over the labor day holiday, Neil Diamond made a huge impact as his music has since I turned 8 being introduced to his music by my moms brother.

I tell my readers and followers to see beyond their given sight which need not be trained to capture some of the art sung in a lyric, it is pretty amazing don't you think ? I believe it is a really great place, being 'inspiration' to get into the path of ARTS and music by ways of Nature and wonderful people . . .

THESE ARE SIMPLY NOTES on web construction for further sites involving other talents I have


Welcome to Enlightenment through ARTS   . . .

This avenue may not be available to everyone due to a variety of reasons but, here on this page in this site, one does not need to pay any fee, needs no permission by a spouse or friend or even their own free will, or is coerced by anything but your imagination. as this particular path of ART I will take you on will start with your own desire to see the world through your own critical eye.

It does not take a skilled hand like daVinci or a brilliant mind like Nostradamus or a veil like God to appreciate what is right before us vivid in color and linear or continual at best, to know ART is everywhere. But I am guessing you are wondering what the relationship between Art and Enlightenment might be according to what I see ?

Well it is simple really, something beautiful that can cajole a smile, a sense of wonderment, or something never experienced before. There are examples of art everywhere, but whether it is beautiful or ugly, the perception of the beholder can always be changed. I find the greatest examples of free-form art is one exemplified in nature.

Take a leaf for example, only mimicking its own species of tree, allows us to realize not all leaves look the same; therefore not all humans also an art form, will resemble each other either. The lines curved or straight are not in the same places or even as many from one leaf to the next and yet the design entices one to take a closer look. This might mean opening yourself up to meeting new people, picking up new leaves, offering enlightenment as you begin a conversation with them and find common traits, that which Art or any other beautiful subject may cajole.

I know you have walked past dozens of trees in your lifetime, but actually having to stop and admire a leaf or a new person, up close and personal is quite enlightening, really !  I do wish to mention though my key passion I find from art as the enlightening avenue it is: The dramatic arts is an exceptionally exciting arena of creative expression for me from both behind the scenes to directing in front of the audience. In high school I attended to the lighting, the sound, and putting up or tearing down the sets for some of our best off-Broadway musicals and concerts my high school theater group performed between 1980 and 1984.

The inspiration from musicals I had already seen in my lifetime came from Jesus Christ Superstar on-screen first in 1979 and then on-stage in 2005 or so here in Ohio and from several musicals seen since then as my mother works for the playhouse here in Cleveland. It has been through her nudging to culture me in the arts, and discovered in my artsy old-soul that loves to dabble in painting, sculpting, drawing and writing, that dramatic theater has always been a venue of pleasure.

Thank you for sharing your interest in artworks with me...


MUSIC is also an art form that combines lyrics and harmony, riffs and hooks together in a matrimony for songs to evolve from the union. I am eclectic when it comes to preferring one genre over the other so my tastes vary when easing into the perfect solos or duets with or without instrumentation. The meditation video material is NOT mine but I have chosen some YouTube contributors I do listen to myself . . .

I thought this might bring a little cheer !