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Hi readers, how are you this MONDAY ?

Rather than giving you a weather update on this page, I will tell you that I am liking my BODY these days even though the teeth situation is bad. I have the genetic disposition of two parents and sets of grandparents who also had very bad teeth requiring dental work of all sorts; however I am not keen on infecting my MIND with a toxic metal or ceramic or plastic needing a metal holding pin, securing a new set of choppers on the upper level of my mouth.

I urge you not to decide on any metal in that area if you want your brain to stay healthy, trust me. I condition my body to the subtle welcomed change of loosing some teeth up top and maybe eventually showing a visible gap, but let me remind you: teeth are not beauty and loosing them does NOT indicate poverty as it may represent stupidity on the person who did not take care of them better but hereditary played its hand and I am dealt this card of life.

The fact that I have been eating according to my blood type for about 8 years now has been a real benefit for me and even without the back choppers, I still eat my favorite foods. The key for my best health is education, application and practice minimizing stress causation. My eyes are wide open these days of my life as a new 1/2 century begins ...

Thank you for visiting and if you have any questions about dieting, menu-planning, exercise, or something to do with the myriad of problematic conditions affecting our health, please do not hesitate to contact me at the email address found at the bottom of this page.

Have a great day !


Welcome to Enlightenment through your BODY   . . .

This avenue is a difficult one to standardize since we all come in various shapes, sizes even beautiful shades of colors ! What is found in your own consciousness is coerced by a subtle understanding of rhythms, cycles, signals and of course feelings. This particular path of BODY should help you determine what state of health you wish your own body to be in.

It does not take a doctorate degree or any other degree to understand the basics of feeling good versus feeling bad; it does take a skilled mind though to hear when your body is suffering from anything. It is not simple but it is not impossible to learn what food and reactions mean in terms of wellness. Take a meal of protein for example-- it will offer energy quickly, then stamina and f course a great ability to wind down when time for sleep. I know you have eaten something and then something happened following the brief digestive process in the mouth and esophagus, but what happens further down the digestive tract ?

If you are experiencing something unusual, write it down cause it is best to realize a pattern of fault to fix before something else goes wrong. If you have any questions, please email me and thank you for sharing your interest in wellness with me...


I used to get really bad headaches, frontal lobe and temple regions, and discontinued almost all use of perfumes and commercially made body washes and such-- and when I still got headaches, only not as bad, started keeping a food/mood journal which had me discover patterns with certain foods and the specific ingredients in them and found definitive sensitivities existed for things like Datem (a dough conditioner); MSG (monosodium glutamate) and its cousins Disodium Guanylate and Disodium Isinonate; the modification process used for corn starches, syrups and oils; therefore I eat as natural as possible reading the labels and now after 11 years being very familiar with food ingredient reactions, having very few to no incidents of headaches or aching muscles.

If migraines are making you suffer are you really going to ask doc for a Botox injection to treat it OR peruse all resources about your severity and consistency in flare-ups of these headaches and treat them naturally educated in all holistic science listening to what your own body is conveying to you through patterns ?

sharing the light, Miss Erica Hidvegi the Enlightenment_Advisor, B.A. Psych/M.A.
Transpersonal Studies- Cnslng/Author, Artist, Photographer,
Entrepreneur & YOUR Freelancer

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