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Greetings spiritual and religious readers, how are you this TUESDAY of 2016 ?

The end of the week is Not upon us soon enough as we still have another four days before we can relax. The celebrating of my 1/2 century Birthday was exciting and seeing YANNI perform music on Sunday July 24th, I got in touch with my higher spiritual forces, allowing me to really shine forward in these next 50 years !

I am sensing in the mere observation of a well-rounded religious and spiritual journey, thus far, will just get better as I age, and you age too. This the 'faith' page and there is a lot to be said about having enough of that within one to take on the responsibility of becoming a protector of the human right and the defender to any rights as citizens we may be offered. I think in order to improve humanitarian influences, ones especially honored between you and your country allies and enemies, that someone needs to be the better negotiator. I tell you there is a highly glorious enlightenment feeling felt when freedom and peace held together by global involvement aided and presided over by a higher power, that the paths merging make you feel ONE with something much greater than yourself or the place you live in !

'till next time, ~e the enlightenment_advisor

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Do you visualize the Trinity Concept in this image created by me because I love the art of debate and what better topic than an integral part of FAITH?

Enlightenment through one's FAITH . . .

I am not very confident in demonstrating an acceptance to Religion as I am about feeling more in touch with FAITH, so this avenue traveled toward enlightenment is multi-faceted both positively and negatively affecting my sojourn thus far.

In both indoctrination and personal study of what religious intellect is supposed to be ground firmly in, I and the stubborn streak inside of me, fight all conforming ideology on the subject.

When doubt exists or even prevails without shaking the feeling off no matter how hard you have tried, in regard to anything being read on the subject--when it is experienced by the human ego, fear is addressed, diagnosed and a coping mechanism is sought. The most used coping mechanism exercised is displacement ... but preferably believed to be "the devil trying to delude us hence working against us".

My relationship with faith is constantly reminding me to face, not label and hide, not bash and avoid, and stand up to diversity by either voicing change or demonstrating it through subtle awareness-awakening requested by all of my readers to practice. I thought this song can either help you make your faith stronger or at least put you in a better place, spiritually ...


I like proof even if the imagination helps determine something to be considered more factual than fictitious, so that is why FAITH, for me to really accept must have some evidence it is in fact part of at least my cognitive framework, and that is a good thing. A very good thing when I allow the saturation of bad get the better of me, through that darned ego !

But seriously, the word itself lends to the credibility of something that cannot actually be seen as an object but is well-known by many people. I find example after example of this word being exercised by individuals of the Human Race, right down the alley-way from me, and this small part of the world I live in, offers much hope. Instead of focusing on the media saturation of negativity, just go outside in your little community and find the good in it. Walk around the local park saying hello to those you pass by, enjoying the smiles on others faces letting the message of 'things are still good' ringing true in your awareness.

till next time-- enlightenedpsych2 signing off ! . 

I ask you then, which is stronger for you, your faith or your religion ?


sharing the light, Miss Erica Hidvegi the Enlightenment_Advisor, B.A. Psych/M.A.
Transpersonal Studies- Cnslng/Author, Artist, Photographer,
Entrepreneur & YOUR Freelancer

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