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Hi there I hope your food and you are in a good relationship, but if not just keep reading . . . I know I do but it took me a long time to get things tasting right and then sitting right, waiting for proper assimilation and elimination to occur. See the frequency inside of us, hunger strikes but how to prepare it the tastiest and with the enhancement of natural grown additives, that challenge eludes many.

Fortunately I am here to help.

I encourage reading labels on everything you buy from a retail store that is either boxed, canned, packaged or pre-made and ready-to-cook. There are many smaller food manufacturers and peddlers of those wares available right here in my neighborhood. In fact some of the peddlers I met yesterday at the festival in Kirtland will be featured here at this page in due time . . .

It is disheartening to discover that huge conglomerate companies are still choosing to use hazardous chemicals instead of natural flavorings or color enhancers because of cost effective measures put in place by lobbyists and CEO's, those of us that want 'natural' have hope.

I am telling you this because over my years of existing on this planet and being treated for various conditions by doctors who prescribed those synthetic chemicals over the years in medicines or foods to go with taking them, that the havoc wreaked is enough to share with you but I am not conforming, converting or consigning, just concerning myself with how poorly our government really treats the American public and how you as a consumer, should be informed. Please just read your labels . . . The truth of what is in your product will come in typing in those terms on any search engine address bar and being surprised, or not, at what you discover.

Now onto some foods we can feel good about since zero other ingredients help to make up its already rich preventative maintenance properties health experts agree with: I start with Garlic which actually dates back about 5,000 years is botanically called Allium sativum and it is a natural blood cholesterol and pressure lowering gray/white bulb that grows in the ground. A sulfer rich amino acid known as alliin converts into allicin an influential fickle natural antibiotic (much safer than any doctor prescribed synthetic antibiotic).

This in addition to the anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, some cancers have been known to be assisted to head towards remission and eventually complete reversal of the malignant manifestation. It is one of the tastiest alkalizing plants out there, in my humble opinion.

There are many other herbs and spices that accompany food that not only wakes up your taste buds but also have exceptional healing qualities that mean good food means healthy body ! When we tune into that healthy frequency, our mind also gets healthier so we actually improve ourselves through a body-mind connection. That frequency is not always easy to hear as we bombard it with radio frequencies, cellular phone signals, computer games with all the bells and whistles and our environments noise from transportation to other machines that are loud, obnoxious and drowning out what is crucial to our survival: the body-mind-healthy frequency !

Are you listening???

'till next time, the Enlightenment advisor ~Erica

Enlightenment through Food . . .

is an avenue most people probably would never consider as a metaphysical path to take to better wellness when they are only eating to satisfy hunger, a basic human requirement. While I take time to prepare different food ingredients to make a healthy meal, you bet I am enjoying it as part of my enlightenment journey as food generally makes you reach some vantage point bad or good.

The media saturates commercials about foods with little truth attached to the content especially when to make one manufacturer of a product look better or worse than its competitors. For example there is a current commercial using a spelling bee for children and the two words asked to be spelled are lecithin and milk, both that are part of beverages we drink.

I am sure you have seen the one I am referring to and I am hoping you see the misleading message about not being able to spell or pronounce means it is 'bad for you. What is bad for you is your being mislead, terribly by a mere fact that lecithin is not good to drink.

This is just not true since it is a phospholipid-- which translates to a diglyceride (two fatty acids plus a glyceride (an ester (in Organic chemistry this is a sweet smelling compound formed by acid with an alcohol) of glycerin compounded with an acid); and two of the Blood type groups are encouraged to fortify their diet with this wonderful stuff, as long as it is not soy lecithin.
Your Food is what makes who you are the BEST it can be, so really why not study Nutrition and Chemistry to afford yourself true wellness ???

'Till next time this is the enlightenment_advisor

A short OLD video from the defunct site enlightenment-psychnet which is now helps keep in mind that Foods & Moods begin to show a consistency, a repeat demonstrating a pattern which speaks loudly to me "if it leads to misery, quit that food !

What about keeping for at least three months, a food/ mood journal which allows you to list what you eat, drink, inhale (oh environmental pollutants and commercially prepared perfumes, cosmetics, body washes and hand sanitizers ALL have chemicals some which can cause migraines) and clean your home with PLUS any reaction from those things within an hours time. You can see a pattern start developing and educating yourself in what to do to prevent migraines without the high cost of doctor who would rather mask the pain with a temporary relieving pain pill . . .

Who loves CHEESE ? if you do but feel it is NOT good for you, well you are wrong. The BEST cheeses for my particular Blood type Group AB+ allows for lots of mozzarella, provolone, and a hint of cheddar, although the latter variety can cause some mild gestational upset (gas and bloating).

When I do want a really fabulous PIZZA, I have been disappointed by a local eatery thus making me search for other Pizza places . . . If you find a great one with all fresh ingredients including the mushrooms, shoot me an email message and if local, lets do lunch !

sharing the light, Miss Erica Hidvegi the Enlightenment_Advisor, B.A. Psych/M.A.
Transpersonal Studies- Cnslng/Author, Artist, Photographer,
Entrepreneur &YOUR Freelancer
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