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Hello readers it is now a warm sunny Tuesday almost 1/2 way through the week to enjoy yet another warm weekend of late Summer. The word fun is supposed to mean to engage in something that offers enjoyment BUT many people define it their own way.

To engage in something that makes you laugh and exert some energy throughout the arms and legs, is often known as one of the great relievers for depression, anxiety, and anything in between that makes the mind say to body 'lets not do anything productive today'.

But to listen to ones body if they are not in tune or audio-compromised, can make having fun limited. There are all sorts of FUN visually fun things to enjoy like fairs, shows, and outdoor activity centers are all over North east Ohio, so I do recommend looking into GOOGLE for such inexpensive excitement !

Be engaged to reality, not just sitting in it.

So what will you be doing for FUN so far into the new year ???

**the enlightenment_advisor 'till next time**

Enlightenment through FUN . . .

is one of those personal avenues that is unique to yourself. It can have  as many limits or no limits and only begins where a break from reality starts to lure the body into play mode. A place sought that offers true escape from the responsibilities is reached through the imagination and accessing that through whatever medium meaning book, nature walk, movie or activity, one can find this aspect of enlightenment, exciting.

I am curious how all of you see the avenue of fun enfolding for you, in retrospect or even future-unseen . . .  

I consider it an extraordinary avenue to explore with an 'eyes wide open' kind of attitude. I encourage maintaining a sense of enjoyment to be made a part of your life every day, every hour maybe even every minute. You are the leader to your own play on the stage of life, direct it with a lot of fun things to do and you will really feel your very best.
I think facets of the 'fun' avenue which are music, watching movies, participating in sports, re-living some childhood ah-ha moments, all those things can offer laughter which is part of a healthy but FUN to embrace YOU !



Here are some special reading materials from a former Professor of mine:Books by Henry Reed and Thank you for visiting, browsing or learning something from any of the information within the page or throughout the site pages. With suggestions or advice we hope to make your educational experience enlightening. Enjoy!


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