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Happy TUESDAY 2016 the day is fine with a bright blue cloud-less sky and sunshine ! My mind will be exercised by topics I will muster the words to offer visuals for the readers who will peek at my work. I would like you to try something for me if you have a loved one diagnosed with ADD or ADHD or if you yourself are experiencing cognitive upset. Instead of owning the label a doctor or diagnostician rendered, begin by rejecting the prognosis.

Rule your condition and manage it your BEST way by challenging it as a separate entity wanting to consume you for if you give it visualization, face it, render it useless to define you anymore, you might be able to erase it from your construct slowly and surely healing this temporary boo boo . . . I tried it with some friends who swore they were OCD and proved them so wrong.

I refuse to accept that what I want from life I cannot achieve through my determination, passion and skill so I pass that euphoric foundation to you. In writing great prose and poetry, as well as freelance photographing, I am succeeding in my goal to help one being at a time reach their full potential in the connections between spirit, mind & body. It is not the immediate income I am after; rather the immediate gratification I get when someone reads a piece of mine and smiles, laughs, sighs or cries. It also is an opportunity for me to absorb constructive criticism which in the long run makes me a much more seasoned and refined writer. I realize talking about the mind may be difficult but maybe writing about, could make it more accessible to you.

I hope what your mind offers you can enlighten you and if not, how about you telling me: What is your MIND showing you right now?


Welcome to Enlightenment through MIND  . . .
This avenue where enlightenment is thought of and about is complicated to describe exclusively since it changes as often as does the expressions on our face. Yet in the split of a second, through peaked awareness, an aha moment awakens us. Since awakening can always improve, restore or redesign using technology, imagination, physical exertion, reflection and food consumption, I take it seriously.

Whether you expand the Mind's parameters using avenues like Art Appreciation, Book reading, Curiosity coaxing, Horticulture or even People Watching, all of these deliver form and possess a function, a creation, derived from your own personal thought processes. It is in my better judgement to figure out and realize for yourself that mind and brain are separate and yet connected by neural pathways and thought patterns which emerge as obvious over time. It has been discovered that all minds do not think alike and it is that unique factor that keeps me searching by helping you tap into the subtle, one facet at a time.

My mind is full of ideas fuelled by many recollections of good and bad times between me and the world around me. I always navigate to learning to improve intellectually. Now I use my mind rather than my heart or spirit to ease some of the pain from recent deaths of my two dads and a 17 year relationship with a man I never married but gave my heart to. An emotional state like grieving when you've been practising gratuity, what in death or relationship demise, is there to be grateful for ?

Well that question needs answering and as I am seeking my own thoughts, what are yours ?

Life choices are not made to never be modified at some point. When the opportunities in your capacity are no longer part of one's resource pool, then you must seek another opportunity you are grateful for having and work it.


How are you enriching your MIND ?

MIND by E. Hidvegi 2004

Memory storage container an

Idyllic creative receptacle if it is

Never wasted completely, makes

Dumbness undoubtedly, manifest

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